Providing the best EEG experience.

“We had a wonderful experience with Neurotech! I would absolutely use them again if needed and would recommend them to anyone in need of a mobile EEG study. The leads stayed in place for the entire study and my son didn’t have excessive sweating on his head because the tape was used sparingly to make it more comfortable, unlike other EEG providers.” 
– Lindsey D., Milwaukee, WI 

Neurotech's Registered EEG Technologists complete an extensive training program to work with patients of all ages and disabilities. Neurotech monitors the test for its entire duration to ensure the highest accuracy of the EEG recording. We schedule all EEG tests promptly, accept most insurance plans and preauthorize prior to the test to avoid any unexpected costs. In addition, we meet patients where they are most comfortable—in their home—and eliminate the costs associated with lengthy hospital stays.

We also aim to educate our patients and families regarding epilepsy, seizures and EEG testing itself. Our website has many resources for patients and families with questions, and our technologists are trained to answer any and all questions before, during and after the test is complete. Neurotech is proud to provide the most comprehensive and highest quality EEG test to the patients we serve.

Why Neurotech?

“I was nervous about the wires and things being uncomfortable and falling off. The technologist did a fantastic job and had a great personality. Everything stayed on and was comfortable!”

– Katelyn C., Wisconsin Rapids, WI 

We perform all types of EEGs, including: Routine , Sleep Deprived, Short- and Long-Term Monitored EEG recordings. All of these procedures can be done in the home, and all can be done with or without video. The patient’s EEG is always intermittently monitored by Registered EEG Technologists, and on-call technologists are available to intervene on all quality control measures. Neurotech also serves as an accredited EEG Clinical Education site to train and educate EEG students.

In 2022,  95% of all patients reported our services as being good or excellent.

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