Why Hospitals Choose Neurotech, a Leading EEG Monitoring Company

Published 10/27/2022

Neurotech In-Home EEG Monitoring

Since 2006, Neurotech EEG has been committed to innovating the world of EEG technology. We are not only leaders in state-of-the-art continuous EEG monitoring equipment but we are also helping to transform the industry with 24/7 in-home EEG monitoring systems. Hospitals trust Neurotech as their partner because we are revolutionizing EEG monitoring and improving patient outcomes by helping them live better, happier lives.

At Neurotech, we understand the struggle hospitals and healthcare systems face to consistently provide a comprehensive spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic alternatives for patients requiring inpatient and ambulatory treatments. As a leading EEG monitoring company, we strive to create a quality range of products that help healthcare managers treat epilepsy and seizures with ease.

Neurotech’s In-Home EEG Monitoring

Neurotech’s innovative in-home Video EEG solution is clinically comprehensive and monitored 24/7. Our highly skilled technologists bring EEG testing to patients’ homes, nursing facilities, and group homes, increasing access to care for patients who cannot drive, and live in rural areas, and increasing comfort for pediatric and special needs patients who often respond well to EEG performed in their home setting. We provide on-call technologists to ensure the highest level of quality for greater patient comfort. In 2021, 95% of all patients reported being satisfied with Neurotech’s in-home EEG services in patient surveys.

"I have used Neurotech’s EEG services since 2007. I find their EEG recordings to be of the highest quality and, as a result, I use them as my preferred EEG testing company. Having the availability of in-home testing, continuous real-time monitoring of tests in progress for technical integrity as well as online access to test results yields real and significant advantages in terms of convenience and quality over other vendors."
-Northwest Neurology, LTD- Dr. Donald Kuhlman

Neurotech’s Continuous EEG Monitoring

Neurotech EEG offers the quickest response time for teleEEG monitoring, making us the top EEG monitoring company used in many EMU and ICU hospitals. Through continuous EEG (cEEG) monitoring, Neurotech can discover electrographic seizures and major baseline changes that may not be physically visible by sharing real-time EEG results with doctors and medical staff. The information required to perform suitable medical procedures is provided to the neurologist by this service. Faster monitoring results mean the difference between life and death for many patients with epilepsy, so we are very proud to offer a product that allows for quick results and early intervention in hospitals across the country.

We at Neurotech are proud to be a leading EEG monitoring company because it is our company’s goal to improve the world with innovative, fast, and accurate EEG testing. To ensure quality control and accurate results, our technologists are available to patients and healthcare managers by phone throughout the duration of the EEG study. Neurotech’s EEG test results are un-compromised, virtually eliminating the need for re-testing. If you are interested in working with Neurotech EEG, you can contact us here or call us at 866-374-7648