What to Expect During Your In-Home Monitored EEG

Published 2/9/2023

The world of EEG monitoring service is growing and changing every year, with more new technology and information being brought to the foreground by advanced research. Neurotech strives to improve patient outcomes by offering innovative technology to patients with epileptic seizures. Neurotech can bring EEG studies to our patients' homes or nursing facilities with in-home EEG monitoring services, offering greater convenience and privacy.

We want every patient who uses our in-home EEG monitoring service to feel comfortable and prepared for their first appointment. That is why we have put together this guide to help you feel confident and ready to take on your first in-home EEG monitoring service from Neurotech.

Before Your Appointment 

Before your appointment, you should prepare to stay home for your in-home EEG monitoring service. Make sure you won’t have to run out for any errands and coordinate with a loved one to assist you in case the need should arise. It is critically important that your physician and Neurotech staff have access to your EEG study, so a Neurotech technician will be in contact with you 24-48 hours before your scheduled appointment to confirm the date and time of your study, as well as walk you through procedures and perform a health questionnaire.

EEG Hookup Appointment

On the day of your appointment, a Neurotech technician will come to your home to set up and start the study. Your technician will begin by applying 21-23 EEG electrodes to your head to record your brain’s electrical activity. Once the electrodes are placed, your technician will wrap your head with a conforming bandage to secure the EEG wires in place. Your technologist will walk you through the functions of the equipment, how to indicate events and seizures, and how to contact Neurotech’s support during the EEG study. Neurotech will leave a laptop with you and a video camera if necessary to facilitate the remote EEG monitoring service. During your study, it is crucial that you stay in the same room as your laptop and/or camera so that your physician and the Neurotech staff have access to your EEG for the entire duration of your recording. Appointments usually last about 1.5 – 2 hours.

Remote Monitoring

Once you are properly set up, your Neurotech technician can answer any further questions before leaving. While you relax in the comfort and privacy of your own home, a Neurotech monitoring technologist will be able to remotely check in on your progress throughout the study to ensure everything is running as expected. If there appear to be any issues with electrode connectivity or if there is a loss of laptop connection, your technician will call to help diagnose the issue. If any of these issues can’t be fixed remotely, an on-call technician will be dispatched to your home to troubleshoot and fix the problem. If you have any concerns during your study, a remote monitoring technologist will be available by phone 24/7 to answer your questions. Once your in-home EEG monitoring service is complete, a Neurotech remote monitoring technician will end your recording and will assist you in disconnection. A Neurotech technician will promptly pick up the equipment used to perform your EEG monitoring service.

Neurotech can help bring your next EEG study to you. If you are interested in Neurotech’s in-home EEG monitoring service and would like more info, please contact our support line at (866) 641-1777 to speak with a Neurotech technician.