Using an EEG Monitoring Service: Benefits for Healthcare Admins

Published 3/28/2023

Neurotech is a technologist-owned EEG monitoring company that has been transforming the world of remote EEG monitoring since 2006. Our telemedical equipment brings a world of value to not only the patients we seek to help but to the healthcare administrators that are on the frontlines of patient care every single day. Our monitored ambulatory EEGs can be done in a patient's home, nursing home, or medical facility with or without video monitoring, providing physicians with more flexibility and helping to reduce in-house costs. We partner with neurologists from high-level academic facilities and clinical research studies from around the world as experts in EEG technology and patient care, making for a world-class team of certified EEG technologists

Neurotech offers continuous remote EEG monitoring services with certified EEG Technologists overseeing each step of the study. Continuous monitoring from our certified EEG Technologists means patient studies will be read in real-time, creating EEG readings that are of the highest possible quality. Neurotech EEG Technologists will be alerted right away if there are problems with a reading, including loose electrodes, loss of connection, or impedances to video recording services. If these problems arise, Neurotech will troubleshoot them by contacting the patient or by sending an “on-call” EEG technician to find a solution and ensure the study can proceed with accuracy. Read more to learn how Neurotech’s EEG monitoring services can help improve the quality of care for critically ill patients and enhance procedures in your facility.

ICU Physicians

ICU and EMU physicians seeking to improve the quality of care for critically ill patients can benefit significantly from continuous EEG monitoring services. Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company providing services that improves diagnosis and treatment paths for patients suffering from post-traumatic seizures. Continuous EEG monitoring services are drastically changing the way healthcare professionals approach and treat seizures by closing the study to diagnosis time gap. Our EEG Monitoring services are increasingly being used to detect abnormalities in real-time, catching problems before symptoms begin to occur, which is crucial for severely ill patients that rely on effective and timely care.

Hospital Administration

Hospital executives are under increasing pressure to cut expenses, improve operational efficiency, and boost measurable outcomes across all specialties and departments. Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company providing telemedical services that improves diagnosis times, provides timely treatment for post-traumatic seizures, shortens hospital stays, and allows more flexibility for physicians within your facility.

Outsourcing EEG monitoring services to a certified partner greatly increases overall facility functions. There is a lot of evidence that proves remote EEG monitoring shortens ICU stays, which benefits facilities by improving overall costs and reducing potential expenses from transferring patients to higher-level facilities.

Hospital IT, Risk Management, and Support Services

Reducing risk and keeping patients safe is a top priority for hospital leaders. Neurocritical conditions require precise, reliable, real-time data to effectively detect and treat seizures in patients. To improve outcomes for high-risk patients, early intervention is crucial and that is where continuous and remote EEG monitoring services can help. Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company that provides remote monitoring services with an on-call, HIPAA-compliant, registered EEG technologist 24/7/365. Our services also mitigate IT issues and reduce privacy risks, allowing facility staff to fully focus on what they do best, providing high-quality patient care.

Neurotech is committed to improving neurocritical patient outcomes by benefiting and aiding healthcare administrators with industry-leading telemedical services. We are an EEG monitoring company with a 95% satisfaction rate among patients, neurologists, and healthcare administrators. Contact Neurotech today to see why we are the preferred EEG monitoring company of many healthcare administrators.