The Neurotech Institute

Published 1/9/2023

Your gateway to a career in healthcare that can make a difference in people's lives.

Since 2007, Neurotech has been an EEG monitoring company dedicated to improving patient outcomes with technologies that are innovative and life-saving. We have now extended our efforts into fostering the education of the next generation of EEG technologists through the Neurotech Institute. The Neurotech EEG Institute (NEI) provides neurodiagnostic EEG education to students and technologists in both the United States and internationally, including low and middle-income countries.

We currently offer two EEG programs that are meant to prepare students to take the board exam.

EEG PROGRAM - 54-Week Online Course

This comprehensive 54-week curriculum is approved by ABRET and includes both theoretical instruction and real-world application. This online course consists of lectures, weekly modules, reading assignments, and tests. Additionally, students are required to contribute EEG samples, pictures, and videos. Students can also take advantage of weekly advising sessions to help them with the curriculum. Graduates will get a certificate of completion and be qualified to take the R.EEG board test via pathway II after completing the program. More information about the board exam can be found at This program is a fully comprehensive course meant to prepare students for work required by an EEG monitoring company.

1. Students must be currently working in an EEG lab or have the ability to perform EEG procedures 
2. Total of 500 clinical hours must be completed prior to completion of the program
3. Students must have Internet access with video capabilities
4. Weekly meetings with your advisor (1 hour) 
5. Initial supplies required- mannequin head, tape measure, and marking pencil

BOARD EXAM PREP - 8-Week Online Course

This is an 8-week course, consisting of weekly presentations, videos, assignments, and quizzes. Curriculum is tailored to correspond with ABRET CLTM exam outline. Courses are offered twice per year in the Spring and Fall. For information about the next enrollment please contact This program is a fully comprehensive course meant to prepare students for the board exam which is required for employment at an EEG monitoring company.

1. Purchase of ABRET ASAP Program- 3-month access
2. Must meet ABRET CLTM eligibility criteria

Curriculum Outline
Studying and Exam Tips
Hypothermia Protocols/The role of EEG
Neuroimaging Procedures
ACNS Guideline 15- Terminology
Invasive Monitoring
EEG and SEP in the OR
ICU Patterns
Neurological Disorders
Additional Study Resources

Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company committed to fostering the education of the next generation of EEG technologists. By making EEG education accessible and producing technologists and systems that are the best in the business, we are improving patient outcomes for a better world.