The Benefits of Working with an EEG Monitoring Company

Published 10/31/2022

Neurotech In-Home EEG Monitoring

At Neurotech, it is our goal to improve patient outcomes by decreasing delays in EEG care and allowing the opportunity for patients to receive care in place. 

EEG monitoring companies like Neurotech partner with primary care providers and hospitals across the U.S. to both provide EEG testing in-house and give patients the opportunity for at-home ambulatory EEGs.

About Neurotech, a Leading EEG Monitoring Company

Since 2006, Neurotech has been providing remote-monitored EEGs in patient homes. They also began providing remote-monitored EEGs in decentralized trials in 2019. EEG monitoring companies like Neurotech help relieve the time and travel burdens families may experience during clinical trials. Neurotech safely serves participants of all ages and abilities (including neonates) with remotely monitored EEG set-ups in their homes according to their schedules. EEG monitoring companies work with families to provide an optimal EEG experience, facilitating trial recruitment. 

Unparalleled Safety and Compliance Standards

Working with an established EEG monitoring company like Neurotech means that your organization and patients won’t have to worry about lax safety and compliance standards. Neurotech has invested in GCP and FDA 11 compliant quality management systems in its eMTF as well as document training activities, internal protocols, and guidelines. Neurotech’s leadership team plays key roles in developing EEG standards and quality measures while serving on the boards of ASET, CSET, and local EEG organizations. 

As a seasoned vendor for clinical trials, Neurotech has created and established processes in place for review of documentation, secure and safe communications, data transfer, and more. An EEG monitoring company will work with each sponsor to follow the established protocols, customize EEG setups to include PSG, track KPIs, and meet all the custom needs of their clinical trial. 

Quality of Service

EEG monitoring companies like Neurotech provide high quality services to improve your patients’ outcomes. Neurotech's uncompromised monitored EEG testing virtually eliminates the need for expensive, repeated tests. Remote Monitoring Technologists work from secure office locations around the country - never from their home. When a patient’s EEG testing begins, Neurotech's monitoring techs gain access to the recording equipment to initiate intermittent monitoring. Hourly checks are made and documented to verify the quality of the EEG video, any potential hindrances, and the patient on camera. Remote monitoring technologists are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns from both patients and medical facilities. 

We at Neurotech are proud to be a leading EEG monitoring company because it is our company’s goal to improve the world with innovative, fast, and accurate EEG testing. 

If your hospital or organization is interested in upgrading your EEG testing for better outcomes and happier patients, contact the team at Neurotech to learn more about a partnership.