Neurotech's Mission Trip to Antigua: Much More Than an EEG Monitoring Company

Published 9/28/2023

Neurotech Heart with Antigua Flag

Antigua is a smaller and more remote location in the Caribbean, with a population of about 100,000. In July 2023, two dedicated employees from EEG monitoring company Neurotech – Daniel Mandel and Shante Carson – made a life-changing mission trip to Antigua to offer a training program for EEG tech.

This trip was actually their second journey to the island, continuing their ongoing efforts from a previous trip, to train EEG techs and enhance the EEG monitoring service resources available for neurological diagnostic tools in local hospitals.

Training Future EEG Techs and Providing Vital Resources

Daniel and Shante's mission centered on a specific training program for three promising EEG techs in Antigua. Together, they had previously worked virtually to provide guidance and mentorship to these students. Their first trip in February 2022 had a primary focus of delivering essential equipment and supplies to the local hospital. This first trip prepared for the work that followed.

Neurotech brought equipment to the island, from the many supporters that generously offered the items. Both Dr. David Clarke (pediatric epileptologist University of Texas Children's Hospital) and Dr. Gaden Osbourne (Neurologist St. James Medical Center in Antigua) played vital roles in making this project come to fruition. This crucial connection with Antigua's medical community was fostered by an epileptologist with ties to Keith Morgan, Neurotech's esteemed CEO & Founder.

Antigua's Unique Challenges and Medical Environment

While Antigua does have a hospital, patients often times find themselves having to travel long hours, via plane or boat to get to the nearest hospital with more access to advanced procedures - in Trinidad. This arduous journey was already the method for patients requiring EEG monitoring services before Neurotech's mission work began.

The differences in everyday living between Antigua and the US made a profound impact on Daniel and Shante's experience. They were able to gain a new appreciation for many things that are taken for granted in the US - due to the items or services that were particularly expensive or just unavailable altogether on the island.

Challenges and Rewards of Hospital Life in Antigua

There were a few challenges with working in the hospital in Antigua. No air conditioning, bad Wi-Fi, weak cell service, and slow speeds made it difficult to provide medical care. Daniel had to use his troubleshooting skills to fix the malfunctioning EEG equipment due to limited support for existing technology.

Despite these many challenges, Daniel and Shante found a unique sense of fulfillment in witnessing the positive impact of their work overtime. By forming strong bonds with medical professionals in Antigua, they witnessed how EEGs positively impacted patients' lives every day.

Meaningful Connections and Lasting Bonds

The mission work fostered close bonds between Shante, Daniel, and the people they worked with in Antigua. Beyond professional connections, they formed personal friendships and got a glimpse of life from the locals' perspective. Daniel connected with other car enthusiasts who shared his passion for Japanese cars. He discovered a vibrant car culture similar to that in the US.

The trip provided invaluable insights and benefits for both Shante and Daniel. By observing how they applied their teachings in real patient situations, they enhanced their teaching abilities. It also provided them with a new perspective on their role in healthcare.

Transforming Lives in Antigua

Visiting patient rooms and witnessing the doctors and patients working together underscored how EEGs were actively transforming lives in Antigua. The mission work helped real people and was meaningful for both Shante and Daniel. One such example was an inspiring local tech that had a deep desire to learn and improve on the care she provided to her patients. This was in part, due to her own personal experience, as her mother had suffered from epilepsy. For this tech, learning about EEG monitoring services wasn’t just part of the job, it was also personal.

Beyond Borders: A Journey of Growth and Gratitude

The humanitarian journey to Antigua not only enhanced healthcare services but also facilitated personal and professional development for Shante and Daniel. They came back with a renewed gratitude for the world and the advantages they enjoy in the US.

Missionary work is challenging and uncertain. However, it encourages people to approach it with an open mind. They should be ready to embrace differences and learn from the experiences. The benefits of establishing significant relationships and changing lives render every hurdle valuable.

Neurotech's commitment to their mission in Antigua is a powerful demonstration of the strength of commitment, empathy, and teamwork. This is why Neurotech is much more than just an EEG monitoring company. The influence of their efforts reaches beyond the healthcare sector, leaving a profound impact on the individuals they have interacted with.

As Neurotech persists in aiding and strengthening Antigua's medical community, Daniel and Shante are excitedly anticipating their return to guarantee a robust EEG program and resources for upcoming doctors, technicians, and patients in this picturesque island city.

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