Neurotech’s Growth and Innovation in EEG Monitoring Services

Published 9/21/2023

Neurotech Innovation and Growth Light Bulb

In only one year, the Continuous Electroencephalography (cEEG) division at Neurotech has experienced an extraordinary evolution. This includes broadening its EEG monitoring services , elevating patient care, and firmly establishing itself as a central component of our enterprise. Our EEG monitoring company has made incredible progress since August, and we're thrilled to share this with our community.

As we journey through the realm of EEG oversight, our team stands at the forefront of advancement and innovation. Keith Morgan, our insightful CEO, and Founder, expresses immense satisfaction over the notable strides we've taken. “cEEG has not only expanded our service footprint but also deepened our collective knowledge, making all of us true EEG industry experts,” Keith shared. He accentuates how this expansion not only diversifies our revenue streams, especially with the incorporation of cEEG but also amplifies our proficiency. Neurotech has positioned itself as the leading EEG monitoring company leading the way through clinical research.

This enables us to serve an extended range of patients in various regions and contexts. Our devoted cEEG Manager, Christina Pitkin, provides data-driven insights into this growth. The Long-Term Monitoring (LTM) Tech division, an essential facet of our cEEG wing, has seen a two-fold increase, illustrating the escalating demand and the confidence our collaborators have in our offerings and of our EEG monitoring services .

However, the tangible positive effects on our affiliate hospitals truly encapsulate our triumphs. Vickie Wolfe, our Director of Business Development, conveys a touching endorsement from Kelly Clement of Children's Hospital New Orleans, who stated, "It’s a great comfort at the end of the workday, to know our patients are continuing to receive the best measures to keep them safe and secure with immediate actions under the eyes of the Neurotech, LLC team."

Reflecting on this journey, Vickie expresses, "cEEG Partners is such an exciting service line for Neurotech, and I cannot be more thrilled to continue growing this department and working with all the amazing employees that make this success possible. The challenges of 2023 have only highlighted our adaptability, with our policies, protocols, and personalized hospital service resulting in major growth. I am excited to collaborate with the team and make cEEG Partners a nationwide staple for cEEG monitoring."

With a hopeful tomorrow in sight, the meteoric rise of our cEEG division reinforces our pursuit of perfection. The consistent efforts of our team, the visionary guidance of Keith, Christina, and Vickie, coupled with encouraging endorsements from our associates, strengthen our pledge to make a meaningful difference in EEG oversight.

Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company that has been providing remote EEGs in patient’s homes since 2006 and for decentralized trials since 2019. To learn more about Neurotech's research or EEG monitoring service , call Kristine Wildner, Director of Contracting and Research at 262-875-6572 or you may fill out a contact form.