Neurotech’s Continuous & Intermittent EEG Monitoring

Published 11/28/2022

Neurotech In-Home EEG Monitoring

Neurotech is a leading EEG Monitoring Company for Continuous and Intermittent Monitoring Systems

As a leading EEG monitoring company, Neurotech has been innovating the world of EEG technology for over 15 years. Neurotech equips healthcare providers with the quickest teleEEG monitoring on the market today. Our EEG monitoring systems provide flexibility and peace of mind to both patients and physicians by providing accurate and efficient results through our continuous and intermittent EEG monitoring software. Our dedicated staff of on-call EEG technologists will work with you to implement our monitoring systems based on your hospital's unique needs and will help promote effective decision-making for better patient outcomes. 

Neurotech provides continuous EEG monitoring and intermittent EEG monitoring services that will give any hospital the resources it needs to administer fast and accurate EEG readings. Learn more about how Neurotech can help your hospital improve patient outcomes with our EEG monitoring technologies.

Continuous EEG

By communicating real-time EEG results with physicians and medical staff, an EEG monitoring company like Neurotech can identify electrographic seizures and significant baseline changes through continuous EEG (cEEG) monitoring that may not be physically apparent. This service gives the neurologist crucial information needed to carry out appropriate medical operations. Hospital staff often cannot provide the patient with the necessary, rapid intervention without an R.EEG T. or neurologist to recognize these events in real-time. cEEG monitoring in the ICU changes the prescription for an anti-epileptic drug in 51% of cases.

We provide: 
  • 24/7 monitoring by CLTM and R. EEG Technologists working from HIPAA/HITECH secure Neurotech office environments, not in employee homes.
  • EEG and video reviewed in real time.
  • On-call neurophysiologists and epileptologists to confirm events and speak with hospital staff when required.
  • EEG reports done every 12 or 24 hours by a remote neurophysiologist that can also assist immediately if a critical event is identified.
  • 24/7 Information Technology support through a powerful technology interface 
  • EEG technologist staffing and coverage model ratios are customized to the needs of your facility
  • Registered EEG Technologist to patient ratio is 1:4 (ICU), 1:4 (EMU), or better
  • An effective communication strategy to organize conversations between hospital staff, the on-call neurologist, and Registered EEG Technologists in order to promote effective decision-making
  • End-to-end monitoring solutions with a diversified monitoring platform
  • Business recovery plan ensuring redundancy and continuity of service
  • Joint Commission-accredited EEG provider
  • 24/7 IT Support

    Intermittent EEG

    At predetermined intervals, our Registered EEG Technologists evaluate and scan patient EEG and video data, notifying attending physicians or neurologists of noteworthy events. Decisions about patient care can then be made more quickly and with greater efficiency, thus improving patient-hospital outcomes.

    With our intermittent monitoring services, hospitals can switch monitoring modalities without compromising patient supervision. The frequency of reviews and alarms can be customized to the specific requirements of the hospital and the patients.

    Neurotech EEG Monitoring Systems are Fast, Accurate, and Life-Saving

    When it comes to monitoring seizures, time is of the essence. The difference of just a few minutes can have a huge impact on a patient and that is why Neurotech initiates teleEEG remote monitoring in the ICU or EMU within 30 minutes of notification. 

    Our service accomplishes this by alerting hospital professionals in real time and communicating with them so they can interpret events and take any necessary action. We provide registered EEG technologist staff-to-patient ratios of 1:4 for EMU and 1:4 for ICU. To ensure patient safety and improve outcomes, the EMU and ICU must have a sufficient number of EEG technologists on staff. Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company that takes the recommendations of the National Association of Epilepsy centers very seriously, and that is why we do not compromise regarding the ongoing monitoring of patients by EEG technologists.

    Neurotech EEG provides technologies on the cutting edge of innovative healthcare solutions. If you are a healthcare provider interested in working with Neurotech, please contact us by calling us at (262) 754-0898, or by filling out a form here.