Neurotech: Pioneering Ambulatory EEGs and Prioritizing Patient Care

Published 10/26/2023

Neurotech Patient Care at Home

Ambulatory EEGs have been a staple in the neurology field for years. Conventionally, this procedure involves patients coming to a lab, where their brainwave data is recorded over a span of 24 to 96 hours. The device, often compared to a halter monitor, then saves the data. This data is later uploaded and analyzed by doctors.

However, traditional ambulatory EEGs have their flaws. For instance, a mere two hours after the study commences, the battery might die, or a crucial lead might detach. The entire procedure could then become void, causing significant frustration for both patients and neurologists.

Neurotech's Approach to Ambulatory EEGs

Enter EEG monitoring company Neurotech, a revolutionary leap forward in this domain. For over a decade, Neurotech has provided remote EEG monitoring services, positioning itself as an industry pioneer. This isn't just about employing cutting-edge technology, but also about a commitment to exceptional patient care.

Every action and decision made circles back to a single question: "How can we advance patient care and give physicians a clearer understanding of their patients' neurological health?"

Unlike the traditional approach of any other EEG monitoring company, Neurotech is a mobile diagnostic testing facility. They don't wait for patients to come to them; they go to the patients.

Whether it's a private residence, nursing home, or a hospital, Neurotech is equipped to set up their state-of-the-art ambulatory EEG system. They serve patients from bustling urban areas to serene rural locales.

One of the standout advantages of this approach is the convenience and comfort it offers to patients, especially those with cognitive delays or disabilities. Taking the service to the patients, rather than forcing them out of their comfort zones, often results in better data acquisition.

Recording brain activity in the home, where every day triggers exist, can provide insights that might be lost in a clinical setting.

Ensuring Quality Every Step of the Way

Quality is paramount at Neurotech. Their technologists aren't just trained – they're graduates from accredited EEG programs, ensuring that they meet national competency standards. Neurotech also emphasizes ongoing training, annually reviewing and upgrading competencies to align with changes in the EEG landscape, in an effort to keep their EEG monitoring services always updated.

Data integrity is another top priority. When an EEG study is ready for a neurologist's review, an email notification is sent.

Neurologists can then securely log into the physician portal to analyze the data. Keeping in line with HIPAA standards, Neurotech meticulously manages data security, ensuring all patient information is encrypted and securely stored.

A Collaborative Team Ready to Assist

Neurotech isn't just an EEG monitoring company; it's a partnership. Hospitals and healthcare providers can expect robust communication from every tier of the organization, be it the IT team, the technologist manager, or any intermediary.

Should any technical glitches arise, their IT support line is available around the clock, ensuring no call goes unanswered. For non-technical queries, there’s always a supervisor or manager ready to assist.

Neurotech is not only pushing the boundaries of what's possible in ambulatory EEGs but is also reshaping patient care, ensuring that technology, empathy, and quality walk hand in hand.

What can a hospital expect from our IT department? Our IT department is readily available. We have both a physician support line and an IT support line and we're available 24/7.

Whenever they need our assistance - whether it's working applications or if there's a technical issue that they come up with. If it's not IT related, there's a manager or supervisor available to answer their questions.

If you’d like to learn more about Neurotech's research or EEG monitoring services, please fill out the contact form or call Kristine Wildner, Director of Contracting and Research at 262-875-6572.