Neurotech Gives Back

Published 1/3/2023

We look forward to each opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.

Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company that has been dedicated to improving the lives of patients and hospital administrators since 2006. As Neurotech has grown over the years, they have continued to grow their efforts towards a better world by giving back to local, domestic, and international communities and providing EEG access to the most vulnerable patients worldwide. The organization is passionate about empowering its employees to find new ways to pay it forward to their community. Neurotech's dedication to helping others is a dynamic process that is constantly evolving as they take on new opportunities and challenges. It is due to inspiring employees and their dedication to the service of others that the Neurotech Foundation was created.

The Neurotech Foundation

Since becoming an established philanthropic organization, Neurotech has grown into much more than an EEG monitoring company. The Neurotech Foundation was created to enable the company to do more by participating in impactful changes around the world.

Through the Neurotech Foundation, the organization’s employees and founders are given opportunities to use their knowledge and resources for the betterment of underserved communities globally through donations, sponsorships, and mission trips. The foundation has contributed to projects that include feeding the homeless, donating school and medical supplies, fighting human trafficking, assisting immigrants to receive food, and sponsoring EEG tech education to LMICs (low and missile-income countries), as well as many other initiatives.
They are known especially for their work in EEG Technologist training programs in LMICs. EEG technologists from Neurotech contribute their time and expertise to these initiatives by teaching and mentoring medical professionals. They do this through remote and in-person training programs in order to assist in developing a sustainable epilepsy program that can properly diagnose and treat these patients living in LMICs.

Mission Trips

For the past several years, Neurotech EEG employees have volunteered their time and talents to those in need, both in the United States and around the world. 

Ghana has more than 30 million citizens and only two neurologists to serve them. Infrastructure, cultural beliefs, and transportation limitations are only a few of the restrictions to providing healthcare in this part of the world.
Neurotech sent an employee to help train nurses in a local hospital by practicing hooking up and recording EEGs on patients. They learned about application techniques, impedance, filter settings, recording practices, history taking, and the basics of EEG interpretation.

Neurotech’s founder Keith Morgan has been working with Dr. Edward Kija for years, and in 2017, a group of Neurotech technicians traveled 26 hours to meet him and work in his lab. The visit was focused on streamlining the lab’s practices by helping improve sanitation, improving the infrastructure of their machines, and downloading software that helped their machines communicate better with one another.

Thanks to a collaboration with Dr. Greg Lipscomb, The Neurotech medical team served over 200 Haitians, many of whom had never even seen a doctor or dentist before. Neurotech arrived with a mission team of 14 people. This team consisted of a Primary Care Physician, a Pediatrician Physician, a Nurse Practitioner, RN, Chiropractor, a Pharmacist, a Neurologist, Dentist, two EEG Technologists, and four evangelical worship leaders. The group served the Children’s Hope Mission, which is sponsored by The First Baptist Church of Alabama.
Neurotech is proud and extremely blessed to have grown into so much more than an EEG monitoring company over the years. Now with the mission of the Neurotech Foundation, they have been given more opportunities to empower their employees to use their strengths for the betterment of our communities. To learn more about how Neurotech gives back, visit the Foundation page here