Neurotech EEG’s Tech Safety Standards

Published 3/22/2023

Setting your hospital up with Neurotech’s remote EEG monitoring service is secure and straightforward. Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company that produces industry-leading telemedical services that is as accurate as it is secure and private, providing peace of mind and valuable assistance to healthcare administrators. When you decide to bring Neurotech on as a certified partner, our IT department will work with your IT staff to determine the best plan for your facility. Neurotech can work within a hospital’s existing remote access framework, making it easier than ever to integrate our premium remote EEG monitoring technology into your regimen.

Neurotech Gives You Options

Whether your hospital uses Citix, BeyondTrust/Bomgar, or any other system, Neurotech will work with you to ensure your hospital receives precise remote EEG monitoring services that work with your current infrastructure. 

Access via BeyondTrust/Bomgar - Neurotech uses BeyondTrust/Bomgar as their default remote access method. To install a Bomgar Button on each hospital computer, hospital staff logs onto the secure connection site. This option initiates a small piece of HIPAA-compliant, encrypted software on the hospital's computer and is made accessible to all incoming patients, with the option for a secure link to be set up by hospital staff. Neurotech does not have access to the hospital computer after set-up unless initiated by hospital staff.

Existing Hospital Access Systems - Neurotech can work within existing hospital systems, including but not limited to Citrix. With this access, IT can proactively manage security risks in settings that are distributed, hybrid, multi-cloud, and multi-device.

Features of Neurotech’s Remote EEG Monitoring Service

Neurotech’s remote EEG monitoring services bring a wealth of benefits and features with the integration of our technology into your facilities.

  • Network Architecture - Neurotech's network architecture uses specialized edge gateways to secure all entrance points.
  • Testing: Neurotech's IT team tests the connection before the first patient by testing and correcting any issues with firewalls and/or other security-related issues.
  • Monitoring - The security team at Neurotech keeps a close eye on the infrastructure and routinely tests it for vulnerabilities. Hospital staff can contact Neurotech's EEG technician hotline to handle any connection problems that arise during patient testing.
  • Established Processes - When a user's situation changes (for example, when an employee's role changes or they leave the company), standard information system procedures make sure that users' access rights are updated appropriately and promptly.

Security is a top priority at Neurotech, that is why we want to work with you and your IT team to ensure smooth integration with the best interests of your facility and patients in mind. We believe hospitals should be able to meet their bottom line and provide the best possible care to every patient with secure and accurate telemedical equipment. Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company that strives to check all those boxes. Provide your hospital staff with peace of mind and see why Neurotech has a 95% satisfaction rate amongst patients, neurologists, and healthcare administrators. Contact us today to learn more about integrating Neurotech’s remote EEG monitoring services into your facility.