Neurotech EEG’s Clinical Trial Applications

Published 2/27/2023

From 2006 and for decentralized studies since 2019, Neurotech has offered remote-monitored EEGs at patients' homes. We are grateful to be able to lessen the time and travel demands placed on families during clinical trials. We accommodate family schedules, schedule patients in their homes, and follow protocol. Our in-house EEG technicians set up remote-monitored EEGs for individuals of all ages (including newborns) and skill levels. Our team collaborates with families to deliver the best EEG experience, facilitating trial recruitment, while adhering to strict, study-specific guidelines.

Our Investment in Compliance

To manage documentation in its eTMF and record training activities, internal protocols, and guidelines, Neurotech has invested in quality management systems that are GCP and FDA 11 compliant. As a seasoned clinical trial vendor, Neurotech has developed procedures in place for reviewing paperwork, creating participant-facing materials, establishing secure interactions, transferring data, and more.

We collaborate with each sponsor to adhere to the predetermined procedures, create EEG settings that can incorporate PSG (if necessary), monitor KPIs, and take into account the particular requirements of their clinical research.

Trust Neurotech’s EEG Monitoring Service for your Clinical Trial

The EEG monitoring service offered by Neurotech practically removes the need for pricey, repeated exams. Long-term EEG tests can run into technical issues. These issues go unnoticed without monitoring, compromising patient EEG test results.


Neurotech Remote Monitoring Technologists operate from HIPAA secure work environments across the nation. The monitoring technologists at Neurotech log into the recording devices and start intermittent monitoring as soon as the EEG reading starts. The EEG footage, impedances, and patient on camera are all subject to hourly technical checks and verifications by technologists. The Neurotech database has documentation of these hourly examinations.

To address any technical problems that might arise while the monitoring is being done, on-call technicians might be called. For patient queries or concerns, remote monitoring technologists are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. EEG technologists work for pay (never on a contract basis) and are based out of secure offices. All of them have expertise working with individuals that have behavioral issues, including adults and children.

The effectiveness of the EEG setup is measured by annual performance reviews and confirmations of competencies. Epileptologists give ongoing education. With our leaders sitting on the boards of ASET, CSET, and local EEG organizations, and playing significant roles in the development of EEG standards and quality measures, Neurotech's leadership is actively involved in both regional and national activities in the sector.

Neurotech’s EEG Setup and EEG Interpretation Process

EEGs are conducted at patients' homes by EEG technologists. Technologists apply 19–23 EEG electrodes using a 10–20 international system with paste/tensive after explaining the process to the patient and caretakers. To keep the electrodes in place, the patient's head is bandaged. The patient's comfort is taken into consideration as this is done. Patients are told to press the event button to record any seizures or other occurrences that take place during the EEG monitoring service. When the recording is finished, the technologist will remove the EEG.