Neonatal EEG

Published 12/5/2022

Neurotech In-Home EEG Monitoring

A leading EEG monitoring company providing expert Neonatal EEG interpretations

1-2% of newborns in the U.S experience neonatal seizures, which are epileptic fits that occur during the first 28 days of life. Most neonatal seizures originate from an acute symptomatic neurologic insult. Neonatal seizures call for immediate action, yet they are particularly challenging to identify with clinical bedside monitoring alone.

Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company with a team of qualified EEG technologists and pediatric neurologists dedicated to simplifying hospital procedures and improving the lives of infants with remote monitoring systems on the cutting edge of EEG technology.

Neurotech neonatal monitoring improves patient outcomes with accurate interpretations of newborn EEG

In many neonatal cases, clinical observations often lead to the over treatment of non-epileptic episodes or under treatment of subclinical EEG seizures. That is why continuous EEG monitoring in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) is a clinically up-and-coming diagnostic technique provided by Neurotech EEG monitoring company.

Neurotech offers the knowledge required for NICUs to provide effective remote EEG monitoring. The team of Pediatric neurologists and EEG technologists at Neurotech EEG monitoring company review EEG and video tracings continuously and can provide real-time response to seizures and changes knowledgeable interpretations of newborn EEG for fast intervention. Neurotech can also work with each hospital to meet the needs of internal protocols, while also working directly with the hospital neurologist. Each patient case and hospital are unique, that’s why Neurotech’s registered EEG technologists will periodically evaluate or continuously monitor neonatal EEG data to accommodate each hospital’s unique processes. When an incident is found, their technologists will contact the on-call doctor to ensure the EEG interpretation is given by a pediatric neurologist, but doctors in the NICU make all decisions about patient care and interventions.

Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company owned by technologists dedicated to improving patient outcomes since 2006. Neurotech’s monitored ambulatory EEGs provide flexibility with a system that can be done in a patient's home, nursing home, or medical facility with or without video monitoring. Partnering with only the best neurologists from high level academic facilities and clinical research studies to deliver exceptional patient care with the industries best EEG equipment.

If you are a healthcare provider in search of an EEG monitoring company with proven results and patient-first practices, contact Neurotech at (262) 754-0898 to learn more about their best-in-class EEG monitoring services.