How EEG Monitoring Can Save You Time, Money, and Stress

Published 6/21/2023

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The human brain is a complex organ that we are constantly seeking to know more about. EEG monitoring services give you a window into a patients' brain activity through sensors that measure electrical activity in the brain.

With an EEG, you can diagnose conditions like epilepsy, dementia, and sleep disorders or conduct groundbreaking research on how the brain works. You may use the data to provide neurofeedback treatments and help patients regain control of their brain waves.

However, setting up your own full-service EEG monitoring program requires a major investment of time, money, and effort on your part. You need high-quality equipment, technicians with training in EEG, and resources to analyze, store and manage the data. Doing it yourself can drain your budget and staff.

A professional EEG monitoring service offers you a hassle-free solution. They provide state-of-the-art equipment, a team of certified technologists to take the recordings, and a HIPAA-compliant way to access data and reports 24 hours a day.

By partnering with an experienced EEG monitoring company, you save money and lighten your workload while enhancing your services. Your patients and participants benefit from quicker access to this vital diagnostic tool.

What is an EEG Monitoring Service, and How Does it Work?

An EEG monitoring service provides a full-service solution for measuring patients' brain wave activity. Unlike operating your own EEG program in-house, a monitoring service handles all the technical aspects so you can focus on patient care and interpreting the results.

When you partner with a service like Neurotech, you gain instant access to state-of-the-art EEG equipment and a team of technicians rigorously trained in obtaining recordings.

The technicians place electrodes on the patient's scalp to detect electrical activity in the brain. They monitor the equipment to ensure high-quality data collection throughout the process.

After the recording, the service's team of neurologists and physicians review and interpret the EEG data to prepare a report summarizing the results. They identify abnormal brain wave patterns to help you diagnose conditions such as epilepsy, sleep disorders, or dementia.

Some of the monitoring options include:

  • Continuous EEG: Provides a constant real-time view of brain activity for early detection of changes over extended periods. Useful for monitoring critical patients or during surgical procedures.
  • Ambulatory EEG: Portable equipment allows monitoring during normal daily activities to capture activity during events. Helpful for diagnosing epilepsy or sleep disorders.
  • Video EEG: Combines EEG with video recording to correlate the patient's behavior and movements with changes in brain activity. It is often used to evaluate severe epilepsy cases for potential surgery.

Why Choose an EEG Monitoring Service Over In-House Program?

Outsourcing your EEG monitoring to a professional service offers many advantages over operating your in-house program. Partnering with an EEG monitoring company like Neurotech frees up your time, resources, and budget to focus on patient care.

  • Cost Savings
    Running an EEG monitoring program requires expensive equipment, supplies, and qualified staff. An EEG monitoring service spreads costs over many clients to keep fees lower than if you invested in your own program. They handle maintenance, repairs, and updates to avoid unexpected expenses.
  • Quality and Compliance
    Reputable EEG monitoring companies adhere to the highest data collection, privacy, and equipment standards. They stay up-to-date with certifications and best practices to ensure compliance with regulations. Their experience and rigorous quality control mean higher quality results for you.
  • Convenience
    An EEG monitoring service takes care of the technical work for you. Their team places the electrodes, operates the equipment, reviews the recordings, and provides reports – all you need to do is interpret the results with your patients. Access data and summaries on their web portal 24/7 without dealing with in-house administration.
  • Expertise
    Monitoring companies like Neurotech employ technicians and physicians with specialized training in neurology and EEG. They keep staff up-to-date with continuing education to provide the highest level of expertise. Their experience conducting EEGs day after day translates to superior results and fewer repeat recordings required.

How to Choose the Right EEG Monitoring Service for Your Needs and Goals?

Look for an EEG monitoring company with proven experience, accreditation, and a track record of high-quality results. Reputable services maintain certification through the American Board of Electroencephalography Technologists and stay up-to-date with training. Ask about their experience with your needs, such as epilepsy diagnosis, sleep studies, or neurocritical care.

Choose a service that employs the latest medical-grade EEG equipment and fully integrates its technology. Advanced EEG systems should have mobile monitoring, high channel counts, and video integration capabilities. Ensure they follow recommended procedures for placement and include necessary supplies.

Your EEG monitoring service must provide a HIPAA-compliant way to view and share reports, recordings, and health data 24/7. Look for safeguards like login credentials, secure web portals, and clearance level controls.

Find an EEG monitoring company dedicated to continuous learning and improvement. They should offer you and your staff training resources, stay up-to-date with regulatory compliance, and seek regular feedback to enhance their service. Look for a collaborative team willing to work closely with you to achieve the best outcomes for your patients or research.

Neurotech meets the highest standards for accreditation, HIPAA compliance, equipment, and service. With years of experience conducting thousands of studies, they are leaders in diagnostic EEG monitoring, working with top hospitals and research centers nationwide.

EEG monitoring services are a powerful diagnostic tool. Partnering with a reputable company like Neurotech provides expertise, convenience, and quality results so you can focus on patient health. If you are a healthcare provider interested in working with Neurotech, please contact us by calling us at (262) 754-0898.