Frequently Asked Questions About Our EEG Monitoring Service

Published 3/2/2023

General Questions

What is an EEG?
An electroencephalogram is abbreviated as "EEG." It’s one of the most common tests a doctor will use to identify or rule out epilepsy. Electrodes are used in an EEG to capture electrical activity coming from various parts of the brain. The voltage and frequency of the electrical activity in your brain will be measured during the test. A neurologist can evaluate if an EEG is normal or abnormal by looking at your brain activity as it is represented by brain waves.

What distinguishes a routine/sleep-deprived EEG from a long-term EEG?
A routine or sleep-deprived EEG is utilized to monitor brain activity for 20 to 45 minutes. Often, it serves as a "baseline" EEG. A long-term EEG, on the other hand, lasts for at least 16 hours. An EEG test with a longer length typically produces a more accurate diagnosis. The main objective of a long-term EEG is typically to record the questioned event or episode. Typically, a precise diagnosis is made after an episode has been recorded. Routine or sleep-deprived EEGs can be used as a starting point to identify or rule out seizures, but oftentimes a longer EEG study is needed.

How do I make an appointment with Neurotech for EEG monitoring?
Call our office at (866) 374-7648 with a referral from your doctor, and one of our helpful team members will help you arrange a time for your EEG. Please be aware that our office is open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday.

How should I get ready for a long-term EEG?
To help you get ready for a long-term EEG, Neurotech employees will get in touch with you before your visit. Within 24 hours of the appointment, shampoo your hair. In order to avoid electrodes coming off when you change your shirt, wear a shirt with a zipper or button-down collar. Prepare yourself to remain inside your house throughout the duration of the EEG. Avoid engaging in vigorous physical activities like running, leaping, swimming, wrestling, etc. Clear a flat surface (desk, counter, table, etc.) in an area with good ventilation so the EEG technician can set up your test there. During the setup for your EEG, keep your pet(s) out of the room. The average EEG setup takes two hours to complete.

Questions About Your EEG Test
Can I use electronic devices like a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or gaming console while the EEG is being recorded?
Yes. The majority of electrical equipment will not interfere in any way. In the event that electrical devices interfere with our EEG equipment, Neurotech will be immediately made aware and address the issue. Please make every effort to keep your electronics away from the scalp electrodes and the wires during your test. Please call our 24-hour hotline at (866) 641-1777 for assistance if you plan to use an electronic device that you are unsure about.

How soon after the EEG exam will I receive my results?
As soon as your EEG is finished, your neurologist will receive your data. The majority of neurologists will produce a report a few days after the test. The majority of referring doctors choose to call or see their patients in person to discuss the results. For your EEG test results, please contact the office or clinic of your referring doctor.

Are there limitations to my daily activities while my in-home EEG is being recorded?
Please do not wear the EEG monitor while bathing or taking a shower. Avoid engaging in vigorous physical activity like running, leaping, swimming, wrestling, etc. while your EEG is being recorded. Avoid eating hard sweets and chewing gum.

Can I do anything in private during a video EEG, such as use the restroom or change clothes?
Although the doctor prefers that you spend the most of the time in front of the camera, you may leave the camera's view and temporarily retreat into a different room. We strongly advise that you do not leave the camera’s view for more than 10 minutes at a time during a video EEG as to not skew the results.

In case of a medical emergency, what should I do?
Contact your treating physician or 911. Emergency medical services cannot be provided by Neurotech, LLC. While the EEG is being conducted, Neurotech offers remote monitoring for help and quality control, but we are not qualified to provide diagnoses or recommendations.

What if there is a problem during my EEG test?
Not to worry - registered EEG technologists from Neurotech will be monitoring your test 24/7. We can frequently solve any issues remotely, and if something occurs that requires in-person intervention we will send a technician to you right away. Call our 24-hour technical support line at (866) 641-1777 if you require any extra assistance or have any inquiries.


Financial Questions

Will my EEG be covered by insurance?
EEG monitoring services are typically covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and the majority of insurance companies. Before your test, Neurotech will work with your doctor's office to pre-authorize the EEG. The billing staff at Neurotech will always inform patients of their financial obligations before any service is rendered. 

Neurotech accepts which types of patient insurance?
Most insurances, regional plans, Medicare, and Medicaid are accepted by Neurotech. Our billing department will look into making an exception if we are not in-network with a specific provider.