Efficiencies When Using An Ambulatory EEG Monitoring Service

Published 1/8/2024

Neurotech Efficiency with Ambulatory EEG

With the rising cost of healthcare for both medical facilities and patients, all aspects of the process require an increase in efficiencies in order to continue to provide optimal care for patients.

Efficiencies can be crucial when treating a patient from evaluation to diagnosis, especially when it comes to complex conditions. How can medical professionals treat the whole patient while keeping their best interests in mind?

Due to the ever-climbing demand for efficiency, EEG monitoring services have been gaining more traction. Ambulatory EEG monitoring services are provided by companies such as Neurotech, who offer continuous and intermittent EEG monitoring services to hospitals, medical facilities, and healthcare providers.

Companies that provide ambulatory EEG monitoring services provide many benefits for the hospitals and medical facilities that partner with them.

Close coverage gaps

Some facilities have difficulty maintaining sufficient staffing for EEG monitoring services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, some hospital systems rely on equipment sharing for some diagnostic evaluation, which reduces availability.

In rural areas, the difficulty can be compounded; with fewer hospitals that are typically smaller in size, patients have fewer resources available to them. When patients cannot easily access a hospital, they may put off seeking treatment. This, in turn, can result in delayed diagnosis, prolonged duration of care, and increased costs.

Partnering with an EEG monitoring company can alleviate this coverage gap and offer services to more patients. Those in more remote areas can avoid travel times, and hospital systems can easily and efficiently help more people: a win-win situation for those smaller healthcare systems and medical providers.

Improve the timeframe for patient treatment

Sometimes the wait to receive diagnostic testing, whether for an MRI or EEG, can last months depending on technician availability, location, and other factors. With ambulatory EEG monitoring services, patients often receive the services they need much more quickly and in the comfort of their home.

Being able to provide EEGs on a more timely basis can ensure a patient receives a diagnosis and treatment more promptly. Speedier care serves the needs and best interests of the patient, and also benefits the provider. Diagnosing early can reduce overall costs and lengthy hospital stays, and can improve the patient's outlook and quality of life, which often leads to more positive outcomes.

A more subtle advantage of ambulatory EEG monitoring services is the ability to provide care in more comfortable surroundings. Patients may be better able to relax in their familiar, day-to-day environment, which is often less sterile and void of potential triggers or stressors that may impact that patient's condition. While a more controlled hospital setting may be appropriate for many undergoing an EEG, the hospital may not allow for enough time or elimination of situational triggers to fully and accurately evaluate the patient.

Improve Patient Safety

When patients are dealing with autoimmune diseases, or other illnesses that leave them highly susceptible to infection, going to a hospital or medical setting can increase their risk. For very ill patients, making a trip to a medical facility to receive an EEG can be a major task that may be detrimental to a patient's overall health.

With an ambulatory EEG, the patient can remain in a comfortable home environment, away from potential means of infection. This can lead to a more positive and potentially safer experience for the patient.

Finding ways to keep costs down while offering patients the best options at the most affordable cost benefits everyone. Hospitals and medical facilities who partner with Neurotech EEG find that the relationship balances cost, efficiency, and high-quality patient care. To learn more about Neurotech's ambulatory EEG monitoring services, visit the frequently asked questions page or schedule a time to talk with one of Neurotech's representatives.