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The Neurotech Institute

Posted January 9, 2023
Since 2007, Neurotech has been an EEG monitoring company dedicated to improving patient outcomes with technologies that are innovative and life-saving. We have now extended our efforts into fostering the education of the next generation of EEG technologists through the Neurotech Institute.
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Neurotech Gives Back

Posted January 3, 2023
Neurotech is an EEG monitoring company that has been dedicated to improving the lives of patients and hospital administrators since 2006. As Neurotech has grown over the years, they have continued to grow their efforts towards a better world by giving back to local, domestic, and international communities and providing EEG access to the most vulnerable patients worldwide.
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Neonatal EEG

Posted December 5, 2022
1-2% of newborns in the U.S experience neonatal seizures, which are epileptic fits that occur during the first 28 days of life. Most neonatal seizures originate from an acute symptomatic neurologic insult. Neonatal seizures call for immediate action, yet they are particularly challenging to identify with clinical bedside monitoring alone.
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As a leading EEG monitoring company, Neurotech has been innovating the world of EEG technology for over 15 years. Neurotech equips healthcare providers with the quickest teleEEG monitoring on the market today. Our EEG monitoring systems provide flexibility and peace of mind to both patients and physicians by providing accurate and efficient results through our continuous and intermittent EEG monitoring software.
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At Neurotech, it is our goal to improve patient outcomes by decreasing delays in EEG care and allowing the opportunity for patients to receive care in place.
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Since 2006, Neurotech EEG has been committed to innovating the world of EEG technology. We are not only leaders in state-of-the-art continuous EEG monitoring equipment but we are also helping to transform the industry with 24/7 in-home EEG monitoring systems. Hospitals trust Neurotech as their partner because we are revolutionizing EEG monitoring and improving patient outcomes by helping them live better, happier lives.
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