In-Home FAQs

We can do any EEG in the home. We do Routine, Sleep Deprived, Short-Term and Long-Term EEGs. Long-term EEGs can be one day to many weeks, depending on the needs of the patient/physician.  Neurotech also provides on-site or on-call EEG testing as well as remote CEEG monitoring in the ICU or EMU.

Yes, we can go to hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and assisted living facilities. EEG testing can take place almost anywhere.

No, Neurotech does EEGs on newborns and the elderly and every age in between. We also work with patients with mental and physical disabilities.

Neurotech bills for the technical component and the referring/interpreting physician bills for their own professional interpretation of the EEG.

The neurologist can dictate the EEG immediately through our website. This provides an instant transcription/dictated EEG report. This report can be saved, emailed or printed immediately upon completion. Or, if the neurologist prefers, he or she can dictate through their own transcription service.

When referring a patient to Neurotech, please let us know how you would like to be contacted when the EEG is completed. We can email, call, text or page you instantly when the EEG is ready for review.

Yes, just like any other digital EEG software you can re-montage or change filters/settings on the EEG you are reviewing. You can even create your own montages, filter settings and make these your default. By setting a default, your montage and settings will always be displayed each time you open up a new EEG for review.

The most common way physicians get their data is through our secure online website. This data can be accessed through any secure Internet connection.

Yes, Neurotech offers weekday, weeknight and weekend appointments.

Neurotech does all the scheduling and preauthorization before any EEG is started. We contact the patient and try to accommodate their schedule to meet their needs for their prolonged EEG. The patient will know if the EEG is covered by insurance or not. In most cases, the insurance will cover the EEG test.

We can get most urgent EEGs started the day they are requested. The earlier in the business day we are notified, the more likely this can occur.

The entire EEG recording will be scanned down by our Registered EEG Technologists and ran through a spike and seizure detection process; we will create a pruned file for the neurologist to review. We can give the neurologist the entire EEG to review and clips of normal and/or abnormal in a pruned file for review. We can also provide a complimentary preliminary read of the EEG by an epileptologist upon request.

Neurotech provides 24/7 remote monitoring. This means our Registered EEG Technologists will monitor each study for quality control throughout the entire EEG recording. We know immediately when electrodes come loose, impedances are high or if the patient is not on video. We do our best to rectify any of these or other issues if they occur. If these issues do occur, we can resolve them by calling the patient, intervening through the Internet or dispatching an “on-call” EEG technologist to resolve any issues during the monitoring period. This results in the highest quality in-home Long-Term EEG, with minimal EEG artifact and patients being on video.

Any neurologist can read and bill for the professional interpretation of the EEG. Some neurologists who refer to Neurotech prefer to have a board-certified neurologist or epileptologist interpret the EEGs for them. Others prefer to interpret and bill their own studies.

Yes, we can record video on any of our EEGs.

Neurotech accepts all major insurances, local plans, Medicare and Medicaid. If we are not in-network with a particular insurer, our billing department will pursue whether an exception is possible.