Neonatal cEEG

Our pediatric neurologists provide expert Neonatal cEEG interpretations.

Neonatal seizures are epileptic fits that occur during the first 28 days of life. 1-2% of all neonates in the U.S. experience seizures.*

Most neonatal seizures are due to an acute symptomatic neurologic insult. While time-sensitive intervention is critical, neonatal seizures are difficult to diagnose by clinical bedside observation alone.

Treatments guided by clinical observations may result in overtreatment of non-epileptic events or undertreatment of unappreciated subclinical EEG seizures. For this reason, continuous EEG is a promising, clinically proven diagnostic tool in newborn intensive care units (NICUs).

Neurotech can provide NICUs with the expertise needed to provide remote cEEG monitoring. Neurotech has pediatric neurologists on-call who are available to provide expert neonatal EEG interpretations (licensed in specific states). If such expertise is already available at the hospital, we will communicate directly with the hospital neurologist. Our registered EEG technologists provide periodic review or continuous monitoring of neonatal EEG data, according to the needs of individual patient or as per plan established by the hospital. When an event is identified, our technologists communicate with the physician on-call. The pediatric neurologist provides the EEG interpretation. NICU physicians make all patient care and intervention decisions.

*Plouin P, Kaminska A. Neonatal seizures. Handb Clin Neurol.2013;111:467-76.