Information Technology

Secure Infrastructure and Services

Neurotech’s IT department works with each hospital’s IT staff to determine the optimal system for remote connection. Neurotech will work within a hospital’s existing remote access framework, such as Citrix, or utilize remote access capabilities via Neurotech’s BeyondTrust/Bomgar application.

Hospitals using Citrix or similar applications protect data and IP with security controls based on user credentials. Bomgar provides a secure access solution through client firewalls without VPN tunneling, allowing the hospital’s perimeter security to stay intact.

Whether your institution uses Citrix, BeyondTrust/Bomgar, or another system, Neurotech can work within the context of your existing secure framework.

Neurotech offers several options for IT access:

  • BeyondTrust/Bomgar Access – Neurotech utilizes BeyondTrust/Bomgar as our standard remote access solution. Hospital staff access the secure connection portal and install a Bomgar Button on each individual hospital computer. This option establishes a small piece of HIPAA compliant, encrypted software on the hospital’s computer which remains available for all subsequent patients. Hospital staff can initiate a secure link with each new patient; Neurotech does not have access to the hospital computer unless hospital staff initiates a connection.
  • Existing Hospital Access Systems – Neurotech can work within existing hospital systems, including but not limited to Citrix, to allow our staff access to certain applications. This access enables IT to proactively manage security threats in distributed, hybrid, multi-cloud, and multi-device environments.


  • Network Architecture – Neurotech’s network architecture protects all entry points with dedicated edge gateways.
  • Testing – Neurotech’s IT staff tests the connection prior to the first patient. We correct and re-test any connection issues related to firewalls or other security at this time.
  • Monitoring – Neurotech’s security staff continuously monitors the infrastructure and regularly conducts vulnerability testing. During patient testing, if there are any issues related to the connection, hospital staff can call Neurotech’s EEG technologist hotline to resolve the issue.
  • Established Procedures – When a user’s circumstance changes (e.g. when an employee role changes or leaves the company), standard information system procedures ensure that users’ access rights are adjusted appropriately and in a timely manner.