Benefits for Healthcare Leaders

Continuous EEG monitoring presents several key benefits for hospital leaders and healthcare providers.

ICU Physicians:

Continuous EEG monitoring (cEEG) is the answer for ICU and EMU physicians and staff seeking to improve the quality of care for critically ill patients.

  • cEEG Monitoring can improve diagnosis and timely treatment of post-traumatic seizures
  • cEEG Monitoring is increasingly used to detect convulsive and non-convulsive seizures and other disturbances as they occur
  • cEEG Monitoring helps providers detect abnormalities before physical symptoms appear, in severely ill patients who rely on effective means of diagnosis and treatment
  • cEEG Monitoring can help avoid overtreatment of abnormal movements by avoiding AEDs and sedating medications when an abnormal movement is NOT a seizure
Our Registered EEG Technologists and specialized neurologist staff (state-specific) are available 24/7/365 to provide a consistent and reliable partner to aid with hospitals’ most critically ill patients.

Hospital Administration:

Hospital leaders face increasing pressure to reduce costs and streamline efficiencies while improving patient care and measurable outcomes across departments and specialties.

  • By utilizing telemedicine technology and outsourcing EEG monitoring and reading services to a qualified and proven partner, hospitals can address these concerns simultaneously
  • Evidence shows cEEGs shorten the length of ICU stays, presenting a more cost-effective form of EEG testing
  • cEEG monitoring can reduce the expense of patient transfers to higher level facilities
  • By partnering with Neurotech, hospitals gain a continuous EEG monitoring program staffed with Registered EEG Technologists and CLTM technologists 24/7/365, without incurring the cost of in-house neurodiagnostic staff
We have maintained a 95% satisfaction rate among our patient, neurologist, and hospital partners for seven consecutive years. With no geographic limitations, Neurotech’s EEG technologists can connect with your hospital EEG system within 30 minutes notice. 24/7 neurologist coverage is available in specific states.

Hospital IT, Risk Management, and Support Services:

Reducing risk and keeping patients safe is among hospital leaders' top priorities. When managing neurocritical patients, it is imperative to have accurate, consistent real-time data to detect and treat seizures. Early intervention for seizure control and treatment is key to reducing risk among patients and improving outcomes.

  • cEEG Monitoring is the preferred way to detect and treat seizures—especially those that exhibit no clinical signs or are nonconvulsive
  • Neurotech’s remote video monitoring system provides on-call Registered EEG Technologists available 24/7/365 and complies with HITECH Act and HIPAA security and privacy measures
  • We reduce risk and mitigate IT issues, so hospital leaders and providers can focus on what they do best: providing high-quality patient care