EMU and ICU Continuous EEG Monitoring

Neurotech initiates teleEEG remote monitoring in the ICU or EMU within 30 minutes notification.

This service entails real-time notification and communication with hospital staff for physician interpretation of events and any subsequent intervention. We offer 1:4 EMU and 1:4 ICU Registered EEG Technologist staffing to patient ratios. The staffing of EEG technologists in the EMU and ICU is critical to assuring patient safety and improving outcomes. The National Association of Epilepsy Centers has specific recommendations when it comes to EEG technologists providing continuous supervision of patients, and we take those recommendations seriously.

Neurotech provides two types of telehealth EEG monitoring: continuous and/or intermittent.

Continuous EEG Monitoring

Through continuous EEG (cEEG) monitoring, Neurotech can share real-time EEG results with ICU physician hospital staff to identify electrographic seizures and significant baseline changes which may not have a physical manifestation. This service provides the neurologist with the information needed to make appropriate medical interventions. Without an R.EEG T. or neurologist to identify these events in real time, hospital staff cannot provide the required, prompt intervention for the patient. In 51 percent of cases, cEEG monitoring in the ICU leads to a change in anti-epileptic drug prescriptions.

We provide:

  • 24/7 monitoring by CLTM and R. EEG Technologists in Neurotech offices, not in homes
  • Real time EEG and Video review
  • On-call epileptologists/neurophysiologists to confirm events and communicate with hospital staff on an as-needed basis
  • Remote Neurophysiologists to generate EEG reports every 12 or 24 hours and be available immediately if a technologist identifies a critical event. In urgent situations, the neurophysiologist will login within 30 minutes of notification.
  • High-level technology interface with Information Technology Support 24/7
  • Coverage model ratios customized to the needs of your facility
  • Our Registered EEG Technologist to patient ratio is 1:4 (ICU), 1:4 (EMU) or better
  • A strong communication plan to coordinate dialogue between hospital staff, the on-call neurologist, and Registered EEG Technologists to encourage efficient decision-making
  • Diversified monitoring service platform that provides end-to-end monitoring solutions
  • Joint Commission accredited EEG provider
  • IT Support 24/7

Intermittent EEG Monitoring

Our Registered EEG Technologists intermittently review and scan patient EEG and video data at predetermined intervals and alert attending ICU physicians or the interpreting neurologist of notable events. This improves efficiency and leads to faster and better-informed decisions regarding patient care.

Hospitals also can change monitoring modalities without interrupting patient surveillance through our intermittent monitoring services. The frequency of review and alerts can be tailored to the hospital and patient’s unique needs.

When NCSE patients are treated within 10 hours of seizure onset, their mortality rate plummeted by nearly 80 percent compared to those with seizures that continued longer than 20 hours.

– The American Clinical Neurophysiology Society