Clinical Research

Neurotech supports clinical research efforts with a comprehensive array of EEG testing services including:

  • EEG hook-ups at facilities or patient homes
  • On-call EEG technologists available to troubleshoot impedance and video problems remotely or in-person
  • 24/7 monitoring and scanning by Registered EEG Technologists
  • EEG test interpretation by credentialed neurologists specializing in epilepsy
  • Lifelines EEG equipment rental

Neurotech’s EEG testing enables contact research organizations and principal investigators to expand the range of clinical testing services they offer, reducing reliance on institutional EEG equipment and technologists.

We currently have offices in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Washington, and serve patients, physicians and research facilities throughout each state and contiguous states.

We use Lifelines iEEG review software for EEG review as well as seizure and spike detection. Typically, Neurotech’s Registered EEG Technologists scan, clip and comment on each EEG, and one of our contracted epileptologists annotates the study. The EEG data may also be annotated by a third party. The EEG files may be exported as .EDF or ieegz files and are viewable by other vendor software applications, including Persyst.

Should you or your clinical research organization be interested in using any of our offerings to further your research goals, we would love to partner with you. To learn more about Neurotech’s services, please contact Kristine Wildner, Director of Contracting and Research at or 262-875-6572.