Clinical Research

Supporting decentralized home and facility-based trials; collecting high quality EEG data with GCP compliant processes.

“I have gotten a lot of feedback from parents that have said that they were really impressed with Michael and how great he was with their children during the EEG setup. They said he was very patient and made them feel comfortable. I know that the parents are always nervous about the EEG so you guys must have some great techs!”   
– Clinical Research Coordinator, Chicago, IL

Building on Neurotech's years of home EEG experience, Neurotech supports the pharmaceutical industry as a vendor for both natural history and drug clinical research trials. We provide translational clinical researchers with a comprehensive array of digital video EEG and limited sleep testing services including: 
  • High quality routine, overnight, and long-term EEG hook-ups  by experienced EEG technologists utilizing the international 10/20 electrode placement system
  • Services provided in patient homes, at sites, or in facilities
  • 24/7 technical quality and video remote monitoring by Registered EEG Technologists (R. EEG T.) working from secure business offices to ensure the integrity of the EEG recording
  • On-call EEG technologists available in person 24/7 to troubleshoot electrode impedances and video problems remotely or in-person
  • Available central EEG interpretation and supervision by credentialed neurologists specializing in epilepsy

Why Neurotech?

Neurotech’s EEG testing enables pharmaceutical sponsors, contact research organizations (CROs), academic institutions and principal investigators to expand the range of clinical testing services they offer, reducing reliance on institutional EEG equipment and technologists. By going to participant homes and minimizing the travel burden to families, Neurotech allows sponsors to develop hybrid or decentralized study designs and accelerate recruitment efforts.  

Neurotech has established processes in place to ensure consistent practices and GCP compliant documentation.  These include: 
  • detailed EEG set up, monitoring, on-call, emergency and importing protocols and checklists
  • validated protocol, training document, and record management system
  • electronic trial master file (eTMF) software
  • scheduling and communications guidelines
  • participant facing documents and communications documents
  • secure data transfer protocols and checklists
  • compliant data storage systems
  • online physician portal
  • rigorous infection control protocols and precautions
  • research-specific quality assurance plan and KPI’s
To learn more about Neurotech's services for clinical trials, please contact Kristine Wildner, Director of Contracting and Research at or 262-875-6572.