Ambulatory EEG Research

Ambulatory EEGs and children
The clinical utility of ambulatory EEG in childhood 
Nagyova R, Horsburgh G, Robertson A, et al, 2019
"To evaluate the clinical utility of the ambulatory electroencephalogram (aEEG) in children."
Outcomes of an ambulatory video EEG monitoring study:
Outcome of ambulatory video-EEG monitoring in a ~10,000 patient nationwide cohort
Syed T, LaFrance W, Loddenkemper T, et al, 2019
"We evaluate outcome of in-home diagnostic ambulatory video EEG monitoring (AVEM) performed on a nationwide cohort of patients over one calendar year, and we compare our findings with outcomes of inpatient adult and pediatric VEM performed during the same year at two academic epilepsy centers."
Video ambulatory EEG vs. inpatient video telemetry:
Video ambulatory EEG: A good alternative to inpatient video telemetry?
Kandler R, Ponnusamy A, Wragg C, 2017
"Video ambulatory EEG (V-aEEG) is a new technique which could add increased capacity for long term EEG monitoring to overstretched inpatient video telemetry (IPVT) services."
Prolonged ambulatory EEGs:
The utility of prolonged outpatient ambulatory EEG
Faulkner H, Arima H, Mohamed A, 2012
"ILAE guidelines recommend the use of prolonged EEG where the diagnosis of epilepsy or the classification of the seizure syndrome is proving difficult."
A cost-effective alternative to inpatient care:
Ambulatory EEG: a cost-effective alternative to inpatient video EEG in adult patients 
Dash D, Hernandez-Ronquillo L, Moien-Afshari F, et al, 2012
"Ambulatory electroencephalogram (aEEG) is a monitoring technique that allows the recording of continuous EEG activity when patients are at home, without the necessity of admission to the hospital for prolonged video EEG monitoring."
The benefits of in-home, monitored EEG testing
The benefits of in-home, monitored EEG testing