Ambulatory EEG

The best choice for your patients for aEEG monitoring.

“Neurotech’s web-based interface technology, combined with their in-home technologist services, make them simply the best of all EEG providers.”   
– Dr. Donald Kuhlman, Neurologist, Chicago, IL

In-home EEG setups with Remote Intermittent Monitoring

We are the innovators of in-home EEG setups with remote real-time monitoring. Neurotech performs both Routine and Long-Term Monitored EEG studies. Our in-home, Long-Term Monitored EEG studies can be recorded for any clinically necessary duration with or without video. We offer timely and flexible scheduling and can accommodate the needs of patient and physician. All EEG results are available on Neurotech’s innovative Physician Database that includes an online reporting system.

Scanning and Monitoring Technologists

We require all our EEG Technologists to be credentialed by the American Board of Registered Electroencephalographic Technologists (ABRET). Our technologists are experienced working with pediatric and special needs patients as well as adults of all ages and mental and physical disabilities.

Remote Monitor Patients 24 hours/day

To ensure quality control and accurate results, our technologists are available to patients by phone throughout the duration of the EEG study. Technologists continually monitor the impedance level of each patient’s electrode connections to the head. All video recordings are monitored by a technologist to verify the patient is on camera. If a technical problem is identified, our monitoring technologists will correct it by remotely accessing the patient’s equipment, or, if necessary, dispatch an on-call technologist to the patient’s home to fix the problem. As a result, Neurotech’s EEG test results are un-compromised, virtually eliminating the need for re-testing.

EEG interpretations

You or a neurologist of your choice can interpret the EEG; or Neurotech can provide an epileptologist who specializes in EEG readings to interpret the study.

Patient Commitment

We are committed to providing as positive of an experience as possible for your patients. In 2021, more than 95% of patients scored Neurotech as Very Satisfied or Satisfied in Patient Surveys. We value your patients and strive to provide the most accurate testing while patient’s are as comfortable as possible.

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