Our Leadership Team

Neurotech’s leadership team of highly qualified healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, accurate and efficient EEG testing in the industry.

Keith Morgan

Keith Morgan, R. EEG T., MBA

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Keith is the founder of Neurotech and Neurotech Northwest. Since 2000, he has been in the field of neurodiagnostics and is focused on long-term EEG monitoring. Keith is a Registered EEG Technologist and oversees Neurotech’s development and implementation of EEG processes. He attended Western Technical College in La Crosse, WI where he earned his associate’s degree and Cardinal Stritch University and UW – Whitewater where he earned his bachelor’s degree and MBA respectively. Currently, Keith is a graduate student in the Global Health Program at Northwestern University and  is serving as a Committee Member for the ASET Governmental Advocacy Committee and is Chairman of the Wisconsin EEG Technologist Licensure Committee. Most recently, Keith has been appointed to serve on the Advocacy and Intersociety Relations Committee for ACNS.


Lance Morgan

Chief Financial Officer

Lance is the Chief Financial Officer and a minority owner at Neurotech. He is responsible for day-to-day operations of the business and oversees compliance, contracting, administrative support, customer service, and logistics. Lance is also involved in all major company ventures including strategic planning, IT software development, IT infrastructure, and staffing. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse and a master’s degree in administrative leadership from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.


Vickie Wolfe

Director of Business Development

Vickie is the Director of Business Development at Neurotech. She oversees customer service, business development, sales and relationship building. She works with many nonprofits, including the Epilepsy Foundation, Angel Wings Foundation, Seizure Tracker and others. Vickie graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay with a bachelor’s degree in business management. Before joining Neurotech, she worked for Sanofi Pharmaceuticals.

Direct Line: (920) 471-8174


Magdalena Warzecha, R.EEG/EP T, CLTM

Director of EEG Services

Magdalena is the Director of EEG Services at Neurotech. She oversees all neurodiagnostic services and manages a team of technologists and trainees. She is responsible for ensuring the highest standards of EEG testing and patient care, compliance with ABRET, ASET and ACNS guidelines, as well as the implementation of continuous improvement processes. She also leads Neurotech’s technologist training program. Magdalena is involved with local and national neurodiagnostic societies where she serves as a board member for the Illinois Society of Electro-neurodiagnostic Technologists (ISET) and is on the Board of Trustees for ASET. Magdalena also serves on Membership, CEU and Special Interest Committees for ASET and is a member of Global Initiatives Task Force. She graduated from the Medical Careers Institute’s Neurodiagnostic program in Chicago and studied Education at Rzeszow University in Poland.

Direct Line: (847) 278-1253


Kristine Wildner

Director of Contracting and Research

Kristine is the Director of Contracting and Research at Neurotech. She oversees contracting with insurance companies and facilities, Medicare and Medicaid, physician credentialing and contracting, and management of Joint Commission accreditation. She also manages clinical research and continuous EEG marketing and other activities. Kristine earned a master’s degree in health management and a bachelor’s degree in risk management from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She has the ARM professional insurance designation and earned a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Lean Enterprise Certificate. Before joining Neurotech, Kristine worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Direct Line: (262) 875-6572


Chris Cooper

Director of Human Resources

Chris is the Director of Human Resources at Neurotech. He leads efforts to meet the company’s strategic initiatives and oversees the human resources and risk management areas of the business. He has experience in areas such as strategic management, human resources and business administration. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Carroll University with an emphasis in management and human resources.


Erik Gulbrandsen

Director of IT

Erik joined Neurotech in 2017 and was promoted to the Director of Information Technology in 2019.  He oversees software development, network security, EEG equipment, IT helpdesk and all IT vendor relationships.  Erik’s background includes software development and IT project management.  Erik’s greatest role includes implementing reliable, easy to use, and secure technology to assist Neurotech to reach its strategic vision.