Message From The CEO

Dear Patients, Families and Physicians,

Thank you for your interest in Neurotech. Please know that our patients are our top priority; my goal is for our staff to provide the highest level of diagnostic and patient service possible to everyone. God has blessed this company and it is His—as the CEO I am simply the steward of it. As a Christian, my role as CEO is to lead this organization with the ethics and morals that I will be judged upon.

When I founded Neurotech in 2006, I knew we could create a better way to deliver EEG services. As a Registered EEG Technologist I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the best neurologists in the field.  Having worked in both hospital-based Epilepsy Monitoring Units and “home-based Ambulatory EEG companies,” we decided to merge the best practices of both into Neurotech.  This is done by performing in-home EEG testing with 24/7 technologist monitoring and on-call services.

We at Neurotech are especially excited about our hospital based services – both on-call and on-site staffing, as well as remote EEG continuous and intermittent monitoring in the ICU and EMU.  Research has shown that these services can make a significant impact on patient lives.

Our strategy has been to hire the best and brightest in our field; along with the consultation of some of the very best neurologists (or epileptologists) in our field. Our EEG technologists are the heart of our company, as they make us who we are at the end of the day. However, we are more than just technologists and I value every Neurotech employee.  Our goal is to encourage and help our staff to continually grow professionally and personally. I am so very honored by our staff – not only for their technical skills and professionalism, but also for their compassion for our patients.

EEG test quality is equally dependent upon technology. At Neurotech, we are continually investing in the development of our EEG equipment and proprietary software. We incorporate the latest research, as well as patient and physician feedback, into our developments. This assures us that our technology is not only user-friendly from the patient’s point of view, but that neurologists have timely access to the data to make their clinical interpretations.

Neurotech is the only mobile EEG company to provide both on-call technologists and 24/7 technologist monitoring of technical quality. Knowing that our patients and physicians are satisfied with their experience is of vital importance, thus we continuously measure patient and physician satisfaction, as well as the technical quality of each EEG test. Excellent service is always our goal. Our whole team is proud that year-to-date, 95% of our patients rated our services as “good” or “excellent.”

Most Sincerely,


Keith Morgan, R. EEG T., MBA
Founder and CEO
Neurotech, LLC