Message From The CEO

Message From The CEO

Thank you for visiting the Neurotech website. Whether you are a patient, physician, employee, or prospective employee, I hope your experience with Neurotech is a positive one! Allow me introduce myself and tell you about Neurotech and what we are trying to accomplish. First, although I am the legal owner of Neurotech, I don't view myself as the owner of the company. I consider myself a steward of it. I believe Neurotech is God's company, and I am to steward it for His greater purpose. My Christian faith guides me daily as I oversee Neurotech and strive to lead it the right way. Though I am mortal and will make mistakes, my sincere hope is that this company and its employees will help improve the lives of others.

Neurotech was founded in 2006, and God has consistently demonstrated that He has a plan for this company. I had little business experience and I should have failed due to my lack of insight and knowledge about creating and running a thriving healthcare business. However, I stuck to what I knew best: customer service and highly skilled EEG technologists. 16 years later, we are doing some remarkable things at Neurotech! We have figured out how to run a high quality, innovative, patient and physician friendly, and compliant neurodiagnostic services company. Credit goes to the many mentors, chaplains, colleagues, friends, and family that have helped and encouraged us to create an innovative company improving care in epilepsy, neurology, and EEG. 

Neurotech’s employees have been, and always will be, the key to our success. Our employees embody what a team should look like. They have created a culture at Neurotech that values sacrifice, excellence, growth, service, celebration, and care. We believe that living out these values everyday has benefited the physicians and patients we serve and has made a positive and lasting impact. 

Throughout the years, God has continued to watch over and bless Neurotech. We have used these blessings to create a non-profit organization called "The Neurotech Foundation." Neurotech, LLC funds The Neurotech Foundation which allows us to provide volunteers, donations of equipment, and/or financial support to domestic and international projects. We have been privileged to support the field of epilepsy in addition to other humanitarian issues. One of the most rewarding parts of The Neurotech Foundation is that our employees lead or participate in these efforts.  Neurotech employees volunteer to serve others through medical or humanitarian outreach work. Our employees regularly report that they are the ones who benefit the most from this work. They have been able to share their time and talents to help those in need, and many employees find purpose and meaning through these experiences. For more information about The Neurotech Foundation, please feel free to visit our website:

Today, we provide numerous service lines, all in the field of EEG. Our services include ambulatory EEGs, facility-based EEGs, remote EEG monitoring services for hospitals (ICU or epilepsy monitoring units), and partnerships with pharmaceutical and research organizations testing new drugs. We have also formed a subsidiary entity called "The Neurotech EEG Institute" (NEI), which provides scholarships or affordable education to international students seeking to become EEG technologists. We also use NEI to train student EEG technologists here at Neurotech and provide EEG curriculum and board prep courses for individuals in the United States. For more information on NEI, visit:

Neurotech has been fortunate to work with many phenomenal physicians in the United States and around the world. My staff and I are actively involved in many neurodiagnostic and epilepsy-related societies. We are thankful to be able collaborate with other thought leaders in field of epilepsy as many of these thought leaders have helped push and challenge us to do things better. I am honored and humbled to have had opportunity to collaborate with such intelligent, dedicated, and impactful people on a daily basis.

In closing, thank you for putting your trust in Neurotech. If you had a great experience, felt your experience was inadequate, or if you have an idea or a question, please reach out to us. Through continuous collaboration with patients, employees, colleagues, physicians, and the community, we can continue to grow and adapt Neurotech to be better for our future patients.

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Keith Morgan, R. EEG T., MBA
Founder and CEO
Neurotech, LLC