Neurotech provides the most clinically comprehensive in-home EEG service in the industry.

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Our in-home EEG service provides a comfortable and cost-effective alternative to a hospital stay.

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Epilepsy Community

Neurotech is dedicated to keeping the community up-to-date with epilepsy-related research findings.

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Neurotech EEG

Neurotech provides the highest quality EEG monitoring available in both patient homes and facilities. Our integrity, prompt scheduling and cost-effective service enables timely, accurate diagnoses of neurological disorders while improving the lives of our patients and their families.


  • "This was great. We were finally able to capture seizures on the EEG. We have waited so long for this!"

  • “Wonderful!!! I would ABSOLUTELY use Neurotech again if needed and recommend to anyone in need of a mobile EEG study! The leads stayed in place for the entire study and my son didn’t have excessive sweating on his head because the tape was used sparingly making it more comfortable — unlike other places!”

  • “Neurotech staff explained the process from beginning to end and seemed very knowledgeable with the equipment. The EEG Tech comforted our child (patient) throughout the EEG setup process and kept her comfortable. Overall a pleasant experience.”

  • “Neurotech is the most patient-oriented, physician-friendly and clinically comprehensive in-home EEG company in the region”.

  • “I have used Neurotech’s EEG services since 2007. I find their EEG recordings to be of the highest quality and, as a result, I use them as my preferred EEG testing company. Having the availability of in-home testing, continuous real-time monitoring of tests in progress for technical integrity as well as online access to test results yields real and significant advantages in terms of convenience and quality over other vendors.”

  • “Many patients with epilepsy have driving limitations. Neurotech provides in-home EEG services which fulfills the unmet needs of these patients. The company not only provides timely service, but also has high quality staff to help these patients. Lastly, the cost is considerably less than in-hospital testing. This is particularly important for patients with high out of pocket plans.”

  • “He (Charlie) explained everything very well and was exceptional with my daughter. If and/or when we have to do this again, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose your company. Thank you so much!”